Karen's Animal Communication Philosophy

Telepathic animal communication can open a new world of insight into your companions' actions. Some animals choose their incarnation just to experience life in that form, without the mental/emotional complications of the typical human existence. Others arrange to be with us as our supporters and teachers. Who better to teach us how to live in the moment than our animal friends? If you need a lesson in how to enjoy being in your body, just observe a cat in a pool of sunshine. Animals can elevate the mundane to a Zen experience; watch a cat grooming herself, a horse or dog joyfully running, or a bunny leaping, as examples.

Sometimes problems arise in our relationships with our best friends. Are they acting out to mirror your own distress back to you? Our animals often seek to teach us lessons about our behavior by misbehaving. They often feel this is the best way to catch our attention, but in our states of stress-overload we miss the intended message and feel betrayed by our best friend's "naughtiness." Cats are of course the classic example; refusal to use the litterbox may be a red flag warning that they're experiencing physical problems or that they're upset with something/one in their environment. Or could it be their way to get your attention and tell you you're straying from your spiritual path?

Our animal companions often incarnate to be with us and act as guardians of our life purpose. They have the awareness of our spiritual blueprints that we've forgotten. When we wander off our paths, they nudge us in any way they can, trying to get us to PAY ATTENTION. Generally, more spiritually-aware people attract spiritually advanced/aware animal companions because they are open to the animals' messages and guidance. Sometimes, our animal friends seem to transition out of physical life just when we need them most. Instead of experiencing this as an abandonment, consider whether your companion has moved to a new phase as a spirit guide for you. At times they know they can be a greater help in Spirit than in the physical. As one cat in the process of transitioning told her person, "There's not much I can do in an old cat body. But in Spirit, I can move mountains!"

Be aware of how your animal companions support you.

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