Communicating From the Heart

When I was a very young child, I remember running to my mother in tears, wailing about what I'd discovered about our family dog: "Kerry can't talk!" This revelation was profoundly disturbing to me. But nearly forty years later, I've now proven to myself that I--and the adults who were amused by my innocent childhood distress--was completely wrong.

For years I had heard about people who could converse with animals and was fascinated by the idea. I decided it might be possible for certain gifted telepaths but I certainly wasn't one of them. Then I discovered the books of Penelope Smith, whom many consider to be the founding mother of interspecies communication. I eagerly read When Animals Speak and marveled at Penelope's insistence that anyone with an open heart and mind can learn to hear our fellow travelers.
In her book, Penelope boldly states the most amazing concepts; I came to love her take-it-or-leave-it tone. Along with her primary topics of interspecies telepathic communication and our spiritual bond with animals and the natural world, Penelope casually mentions interdimensional travelers, alien beings, nature spirits and fairies, and of course, angels. These are all within the realm of her personal experience. And her tales of telepathic conversations with animals!....I realized true connection with animals was a large missing chunk of my spiritual life, but as much as I wanted to believe Penelope, I needed to experience it for myself before I could be sure.

I contacted professional communicator Susan Marino and arranged a phone consultation with her about our large and boisterous animal family. She intrigued and flattered me by saying all our four-legged kids are very special beings. Of Connery, one of the two gray tiger kittens my husband and I had adopted, she said, "Ohhhh, he's an old soul......With a sense of humor!" she added with a chuckle. I felt a thrill when she talked about him; more than any of our other animal companions to that date, I'd known that those kittens were meant to be with us. They'd come from a small traveling circus that was spending the summer in central Iowa; our kitty-boys were born and grew to weaning age in a crate next to the tiger's cage. I'd been led to find them before they were even born, though that's another story. A few months after Susan made her comments about Connery, he gave me a stunning surprise. As he was washing his paw one day, I bent over to stroke him. He locked eyes with me with such intensity I was frozen in place. Then I heard him say, "Trust me."

Those words telepathically transmitted to me by one of my own beloved cats set me on a quest for training. I was determined to find a teacher who could help me hear Connery and all my other friends on a regular basis, not only when I was shocked into mental stillness. I wanted animal communication to be an everyday occurrence for me instead of an occasional bolt from the blue. I attended workshops and learned a great deal, but I still wasn't clicking into the right frame of mind. Then I got an e-mail from a communicator pen pal telling me the woman who had trained her was going to give a rare Midwest workshop; she told me Dawn Hayman would be teaching a class only eight hours' drive from me. Among the hundreds of marvelous stories in Penelope's book, some of my favorites are the ones she tells about her friend, Dawn Hayman, cofounder of Spring Farm CARES, a not-for-profit domestic animal sanctuary in New York state. Every time I'd read anything about interspecies communication, two names inevitably mentioned were Penelope Smith and Dawn Hayman. And now I had a chance to learn from Dawn.

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