Dakota and Connery

I met Dakota during an animal communication course at Spring Farm CARES; he was staying there temporarily while his people moved out of state.

Towards the end of the 8-day course, we students experienced an extremely intense and emotional time. I'd been in tears off and on the entire day. In the middle of the following night, I woke and couldn't relax enough to go back to sleep. I ended up wandering into the room where Dakota was living and lay down on my side in the middle of the floor, feeling miserable. I heard a whump as Dakota jumped down from his favorite resting place and looked back to see him walking toward my feet. With a rumbling purr, Dakota began pacing around me with only the tip of his tail touching me, then he butted his head and shoulder into the small of my back. A little explosion of pain and the tension released there. He continued his purring, pacing and tail caress, coming up and around my head. Suddenly, I had a vivid vision of a medicine man shaking a rattle over my body. I began to feel loved and comforted instead of lost and alone. By the time he reached my feet, my anxiety attack was completely gone. After giving him a hug and a kiss to thank him, I went back to bed and went right to sleep. Blessings to Dakota, the Shaman Cat.
This is Connery, Karen and David's live-in companion cat and mentor. Connery's latest advice to those of his human friends who are seeking enlightenment is CONNECT WITH THE COSMIC PURR. (He sat and purred on Karen's solar plexus in the middle of the night as he delivered this message.)
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