Services Offered By Karen Craft:

One half-hour animal communication phone consultation $40.00 (sales tax included)
One-hour animal communication phone consultation $75.00 (sales tax included)
Shamanic Healing/Soul Retrieval (includes an email description of the healing journey) $75.00 (sales tax included)

To request a consultation, call Karen at (515) 233-2308 and leave a message including your phone number and the best time to reach you, or send an email using the form below, or to:

Consultations take place evenings and weekends. Once you have your appointment date and time, simply phone Karen at that time. If you can't keep the appointment, please notify her, preferably at least one day in advance, by phone or e-mail.

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Thank you for contacting us - if appropriate, we will reply to your comments as soon as possible!

Helpful Notes:

It's not necessary for Karen to have a photograph of your animal(s) for your consultation, but it is helpful. Colored photocopies of pictures are fine; your photos are kept for future reference. E-mailed photos are equally helpful if you prefer to transmit them that way.

To prepare for your reading, write down a few questions you'd like to ask your animal companions. Please ask about no more than three animals per half hour consultation. Often, concentrating your questions on one particular animal companion is the most rewarding method, though your other animals may contribute information along the way. If you have a large family and want to check in with everyone, you may request a full hour reading.

Your animal companion does not need to be in the room with you during your consultation, but make sure he or she isn't doing something exciting at the time of your reading! As with people, animals find it rude to be interrupted during meals, so please don't feed them at this time. It's more difficult to get a connection with an animal who's being distracted by food or stimuli such as visitors. An animal communicator telepathically reaches your animal companions via your own heart connection to them which is the reason they don't need to be physically near you or the communicator. This includes animals who have passed on. In fact, because they obviously don't have the same physical distractions, they are often easier to contact.

When necessary, Karen may suggest the use of appropriate formulas of Anaflora flower essences made specifically for animals. This may be in response to emotional, behavioral or physical problems. Should you decide to use these essences, she can fill your order by mail.

If you request a Shamanic healing journey for your animal, Karen and her animal helpers do this work within 48 hours of your consultation. Distance Shamanic Reiki and/or crystal healing will be included. You'll receive written details of the journey by mail or e-mail to give you insight into the process that took place. In the concept of Animal Assisted Healing (AAH), the description will also inform you of whatever continuing support is being sent by the animals (those in body and in Spirit) who work with Karen. In times of stress, healing energy can be sent to you as well if you wish. Please bear in mind that healing does not always equal "cure" and may come in the form of energetic support during the animal's transition from body to spirit. Sometimes great spiritual healing takes place even as the body fails.

Animal communication and energy healing are complements to veterinary care and are not a substitute for it.

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Animal Shaman is privately owned by Karen Craft - Phone (515) 233-2308.