What is Animal Communication?

Animal communicators sense that all animals are sentient beings with a telepathic ability to express their feelings. Actually, everyone has at least some capacity to receive/send telepathic information; training and practice can improve the connections. An open heart and mind are the prerequisites. People often consult professional communicators just to validate information they feel they've already gotten from their animal companions.

How can animal communication help you and your furred, feathered or scaled family?

Through it, you can:

  • Gain insight into your animal companions
  • Better understand the complex family dynamics between people and animals
  • Speak with deceased companion animals
  • Negotiate solutions to problems with your animals
  • Uncover clues about physical, emotional or behavioral problems
  • Mediate strife between animals (sometimes just having their say about the problem helps)
    Clarify misunderstandings between you and your animal companions
  • Promote a deeper spiritual connection with your animal companions, both those living and those who have passed on
  • Pose questions to your animal friends

How do you know the information is really coming from your animal?

Often it's plain that it couldn't have come from any other source, especially when the answers are surprising to you, yet make sense. One of my favorite examples is the cat who told the communicator that he liked his new home except for one corner where a lamp seemed to be held up by magic. His person had to laugh; the lamp was sitting on a glass-top end table.

Some words of caution: Animal communication cannot easily locate lost animals due to the emotional turmoil and confusion usually surrounding these situations, though sometimes helpful clues can be discovered. Bear in mind that your lost animals can't read street signs and tell it to the communicator! They can only describe their general surroundings which may or may not give a hint as to their specific location.

Also, animal communication is not a substitute for skilled veterinary care. Speaking with the animal can give insights into physical problems, but like children, animals may downplay an illness or injury to avoid the dreaded trip to the doctor.

Telephone consultation is the typical method for my animal communication readings; it isn't necessary for the animals and me to be together. I contact the animals via your heart connection to them. Distance healing and appropriate recommendations for treatment with Anaflora flower essences for animals (and people) may be included in the reading if necessary. Any animal with whom you have a heart-connection, including "wild" animals, can be contacted.

Karen & Friend, Sonya Pia
October 1999

Humans set aside their innate telepathic abilities in exchange for spoken/written language. As a sheep of my acquaintance once put it, "Why do you think only humans talk?" The animals are patiently waiting for us to rediscover the universal language of telepathy. And they want to teach us how to improve our heart-to-heart connections with them, with each other, and with all of Nature. The survival of our Earth may depend on how well we listen to them.

Karen Craft

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