Comments from those with whom Karen has worked:

Karen easily described the unmistakable personalities of each of my
animals and gave such insightful illustrations of our history together
(from their perspective!) that I had no doubt that her info was coming
straight from them. By the end of the conversation I was convinced that
not only that my animals could talk to her, but that they could and had,
been talking to ME, too! The whole experience was enlightening.... and
amazing fun. Thank you, Karen!

Diana Y., Atlanta, GA

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Thank you so much, Karen, for such promptness on sending "Tranquility" by Anaflora for our dog Michael. We Used it twice so far, on stormy days, and it seems to be the magic trick that we've been hoping for so long to find!!! As you suggested, we put some drops into his water bowl, rubbed some inside his ear flaps, and dropped some Tranquility drops on his anxiety pill, letting it soak in before giving it.

Thanks again, big reiki hugs and love,
Shirl & Gene O.
St, Louis, MO

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have 4 cats in my cat family...and they all seem to have issues...Emily is over-weight...Bunny pees everywhere...Tigger picks on Emily and Bunny...and Merlin just seems kind of distant from everyone. I was finally at my wits' end when I came across Karen's website. I decided to call her and set up an appointment. I'm glad I did. She not only tuned in to Tigger, the cat that seems to be the cause behind most of the behavior issues, but she was also able to tune in to all the others as well. It was amazing to me how Tigger sat next to me while I was talking to Karen. He even crawled into my lap when I told Karen to tell him that I would consider finding him a new home (as a last resort) if he didn't shape up. Karen was able to give me a different perspective on my feline family members...and she did this with empathy and true compassion. An added bonus is Karen's knowledge of flower remedies, which I'm hoping will help in healing my cats' issues. Karen is a real angel and I plan on working with her in the future on the slow climb towards having a healthy, happy cat family.

Tanya P., Indianapolis, IN

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I would like to provide this letter of support for Karen Craft related to her work as an animal communicator.

This term at Iowa State University, I was the co-instructor for a class in environmental ethics. My co-instructor saw a feature article on Karen in the Iowa State Daily which was most interesting. Since we planned a unit on animal rights/animal welfare we thought broadening the discussion with Karen as a featured presenter would be a way to stretch the students.

We invited Karen Craft and another speaker to join us the week after we presented some feminist analyses of animal rights, vegetarianism, animal welfare and other related topics. Students were intrigued with the notion of animal communication and some felt comfortable in relating that they too felt that they had experienced the event personally. Some who had not had direct experience related that following Karen's presentation, they were paying closer attention to the animals on campus, wondering what they were experiencing/feeling. To me as an educator, this is a sign of growth and open-ended consideration of a new idea. Our ethics class benefited from Karen's presence.

I also had Karen consult on some challenges we'd been having with companion animals. One instance I'll mention involved a farm animal that I was concerned about but one not under my direct care. Without knowing that I'd talked to Karen that night, my husband validated a piece of information that Karen gave me about the animal in question. Since I believe that my home space was improved with Karen's ability to communicate with my animals, I have mentioned this to several friends and colleagues. They in turn asked for information about how to contact Karen so they could get things worked out within their own animal circles.

Sincerely, Danielle W., Woodward, IA

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Karen has been wonderful for my connection with my animals. I had a 'difficult' personality to deal with in one of my dogs, but because of our connected hearts and Karen's help, he was able to grow and learn before he passed to the other side. She was so wonderful she called me a thousand miles away to let me know she was working with him to be comfortable and peaceful when his time came to go. I was trying to get back home and she let him know that, which made me feel better. I didn't make it in time but I know she helped him go with as much love as he would have had if I had been by his side.

I would recommend Karen to anyone wanting a better understanding of their loving companions. I now have a cat because I couldn't handle the emotional requirements of another dog at this point, I am still hurting over the loss of my best four-legged friend. My cat is so sweet and loving and special though that I know he was sent to help heal my heart and with Karen's help we will have a special connection as well.

- Sandy S., Des Moines, IA

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Hello Karen!

I gratefully give you high praise for your help with our two newest Golden Retrievers, Raphael and Gabrielle. Recently your telepathic communication skill helped us make the choice to adopt this adorable pair. One of the things that you told me on the phone was that this pair chose us and wants to be our dogs. They consistently prove just that! They give us such joy and so much love! All of our friends who have met them agree with us -- that they belong here.

Have a great, blessed holiday season!

Warmest Regards, Shirley O., St. Louis, MO

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I wanted to give you an update on my cats. After your conversation with Wally I have tried to give him more time, just him and me. He told you that I should put Amy down once in a while and I have done so. The result being that Wally has been spending more time on my lap than even he did before I got Amy. I have set aside some time each day to play with Wally and he has become more willing to play for short times several times a day.

Amy has become less of a "suck up" as Wally put it. She spends more time sleeping on the cushion beside me rather than on my lap.

All in all, your conversation with Wally has changed my relationship with both my cats. Wally is happier and Amy is less clingy than she was before. They seem to be getting along better with each other too. It is amazing that a short conversation that is to the point can accomplish so much in such a short time.

Thank you for your help. We are a happy family for the first time since I brought Amy home from the pound. Wally is truly the happy cat I keep telling him he is and Amy is learning to fit in as the second cat.

Thanks, Robie M., Ames, IA

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Our session enlightened me so much, it changed my interaction with both my cats right away. Since I have been following your suggestions about Noah, (he must be president of the Ames orange cat society), he has stopped over-grooming himself and his fur is growing back in the bare spots.

I have been so busy with yard and major house cleaning at home. As you suggested I told the family -- princess Abigail and The Orange Noah -- things would be moving around at home while I clean. Especially Abigail is doing better than usual. She found a place on the couch she likes and just sits and watches instead of hiding.

Thanks again for your help. - Lynne B., Ames, IA

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When my husband let the horses in from grazing yesterday, Prairie and Dorado ended up in each other's stalls, which means Prairie is in a stall that is larger, more open, with more light. I decided to halter & tie her & try to remove some more winter hair. I had also been telling her that this week we need to start handling her feet. (She was squealing and kicking before the farrier's last visit. I asked him not to do her feet until I could handle them.)

She was very patient, I curried and curried, and brushed and brushed, worked on her face quite bit, then trimmed the longest hair from her legs and above her feet. We had a 3-foot cloud of dirty white horsehair swirling around her feet when we finished. When she began to reflect discomfort, I just backed off and worked on another area, going back to the touchy place later. I don't think she swished her tail at me, and I know she didn't snap or squeal or flatten her ears. I cleaned out her feet, after months of NOT doing it. This is something she did really well a decade ago. Since then, she's had injuries to each of her hind legs & wouldn't let me "doctor" them the way I did when she was young. Yesterday - NO protesting or hints of discomfort when we did legs. I went in and washed my hands and then took her an apple. I think she was pleased!

Did I tell you she has allowed (and now maybe expects) me to give her a kiss when I feed her grain? Every day for a week! I can't tell if she likes it, but I think she likes me to do it because she has seen the geldings get kisses with their grain. And I think she understands!

This is so amazing to me! She has allowed me to brush the [sensitive] side and to touch or brush over her hips WITHOUT the tail-swishing protest for a couple of weeks now. I can honestly say I feel better about "us" than I have for years! I don't know where we are headed, but I don't have to. All I have to do is whatever today brings. And I don't have time to do justice to 3 horses each day, so she may get less attention tonight.

Anyway, that's where we are. I could not have done this without you! And I know we aren't "done" all the way yet!

Thank you! -Linda M., Ames, IA

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