I live in central Iowa with my husband, David, two gray tiger cats and a boisterous pack of huskies. The cat brothers originally came to us as a trio from the same litter and were named for internationalstars... Misha, Jackie Chan and Connery. My beloved, tiny Jackie-kitten chose to be with us only a week before falling ill. His illness and transition taught me excruciatingly painful lessons, but ones of such importance that I'll be forever grateful to him. Angel and Katie are our white Siberian husky girls who've been with us since their puppy-hoods. Tundra and Sky are our Alaskan husky (that is, mixed Northern breed lineage) boys who came to us when their previous owners could no longer keep them.

Up until 1994, I lived a mundane, "normal" existence until a chain of "coincidences" took me to a psycho/spiritual retreat where I was introduced to integrative breathwork. The concept is to use breathwork to facilitate the integration of mind, body and soul. Gradually, a new vision of the Universe began to open up for me and I embarked on a quest to discover my true self and my life purpose; I knew animals played a critical role in that purpose.

To uncover and hone my ability to telepathically connect with animals, I've traveled from coast to coast to study with Penelope Smith, Sharon Callahan, and Dawn Hayman and the incredible Master Teachers in animal form who work with them. I love to tell people that I have a Dalai Llama in both New York state and California, llamas who have given me memorable advice and loving emotional support. They continue to network with me and with my own animal family to keep me on track.

In addition to animal communication, I pursue my path as a Lightworker. Through the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, I’m certified as a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Healing Arts Practitioner, and am a Shamanic Reiki Master. I’m ordained as a Shamanic Pastoral Counselor through the Association for the Integration of the Whole Person. Working with Linda Star Wolf of Venus Rising reconnected me with my past-life experience with shamanism and opened me to living an actively spiritual life. I'm a certified Master Crystologist through TAOMCHI (The Assn. of Melody Crystal Healers and Instructors). Sharon Callahan instructs me in flower essences for use with animals and people and encourages me in my meditation practice. Currently, I’m studying the co-creative science works of Machaelle Small Wright. Though I do mind/body/spirit healing work with humans, I also incorporate all these modalities in deepening my connection with the animals and working with them in healing support.

Recently, I’ve reconnected with my childhood love of drawing. Offering Animal Spirit Portraits by commission has become another piece of my life purpose puzzle. Samples of these drawings will soon be displayed on this site.

My animal teachers make it clear that not only am I to do consultations for people and their animal companions, both in flesh and in Spirit, but I'm to accept opportunities to speak to groups and get the animals’ message out. I like to think of myself as cracking open hearts and minds just enough to slip in the seeds that may blossom into a deeper understanding of our animal sisters and brothers, and promote reverent compassion for our Mother Earth.
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